Monday, March 7, 2011

RIP Cookie Girl

Last week, one of my kitties passed away suddenly.  Cookie came to us about 11 years ago.  My daughters and I attended a swim party to celebrate the end of softball season.  The family who hosted the swim party had a young litter of kittens...and boy were they cute, but they were all black kittens.  We didn't have a very good history of owning black cats (we had 3 black kitties, at different times, and each one never made it much past 2 years of age) so I said NO MORE BLACK KITTIES!  Well, then someone brought out this cute little gray kitty and darn she went with us.  Cookie was a little on the timid side and was not very sociable with guests in our house.  But when it was just the family, she was very much a lap kitty.  As soon as you sat down, she would come plop on your lap, purr up a storm and keep you nice and toasty warm.  We will all miss Cookie very much, especially our other cat, Milo.  Here's a picture of both Milo and Cookie.

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, Ida. Milo and Cookie are so cute together. I have no doubt that Cookie will be missed.